48 years with Kleyling Spedition GmbH in Breisach

from left: D. Kleyling, K. Stadelbacher, K. Kleyling, G. Kleyling
from left: D. Kleyling, K. Stadelbacher, K. Kleyling, G. Kleyling

Mr. Klaus Stadelbacher worked for Kleyling Spedition for 48 years, 30 of them as authorized signatory, and he made a lot happen. On Friday, January 28, 2022, the authorized signatory and sales manager went into a well-deserved retirement in a small circle.

At his farewell, the managing director Mrs. Kathrin Kleyling expressed her appreciation for his tireless commitment. These are words of thanks for his many years of service to the company and at the same time an expression of appreciation for his great work in all areas.

Mr. Stadelbacher began his training at Kleyling Spedition in Breisach in 1973. He played a decisive role in the success of Kleyling Spedition through his outstanding performance as a forwarding agent, authorized signatory and all-rounder. He has constantly shaped and molded the company. Due to his great inquisitiveness and passion for advancing the company, he always faced new tasks and requirements and was willing to continue his education. Among other things, he completed a six-month professional/language internship abroad. Privately, he was very active in the Breisach Festival and professionally, he also shone through his social competence.

A "THANK YOU" for the many years together, for the loyalty and great responsibility and cordial cooperation. After 48 years many good and beautiful memories remain. For the future we wish Mr. Stadelbacher with all our hearts good health, good luck and the chance to enjoy retirement to the fullest.

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