Tradition with vision

75 years of experience as an independent family-run business provides a good basis of trust for our customers. Flexibility and commitment enable us to be proactive when faced with changes in market conditions or in the requirements of our customers, thereby ensuring that we never stop evolving.

Responsibility and integrity

The success of our services is based on an approach of working in partnership and maintaining clear lines of communication. Including everybody in the decision-making processes and pursuing common goals ensure that our employees, management, shareholders and customers are all connected with each other.

Quality and sustainability

Our customers are at the root of our many activities. Their wishes and requirements place a great deal of responsibility on our team by making it necessary to pay attention to high standards of quality and sustainable actions.

We fulfil the qualitative and ecological demands of our customers through on-going quality management and an approach that is governed by organic certification in accordance with EC No 834/2007 (DE- ECO -007).

TEAM SPIRIT is of utmost importance to us

The Kleyling Group has a well-structured and forward-looking management team that maintains close communication even across national borders. 

KLEYLING - in a nutshell

Kleyling GmbH


Kleyling Spedition GmbH, D-79206 Breisach am Rhein
CEO: Kathrin Kleyling

Kleyling S.A.S Transports Internationaux, F-68600 Algolsheim / Neuf-Brisach
Managing Director: Thierry Leidemer


F-68128 Village-Neuf and F-77220 Gretz-Armainvilliers


EMO-TRANS Kleyling, D-79206 Breisach am Rhein
CEO: Kathrin Kleyling, Bernhard Stock

Employees: 230

Trainees: 11

Motor pool: 80 vehicles

Warehouse space: 47 100 sqm

Tonnage: Approx. 1 million

Turnover: 60 million EUR