Record volume of groupage shipments: Boom in shipments for German general cargo forwarders


For several months now, German general cargo forwarders have been struggling with an enormous volume of shipments. The DSLV "Bundesverband Spedition und Logistik" reports a massive increase in shipment volumes in the German general cargo networks and speaks in this context of a veritable "shipment tsunami".

More and more often, general cargo networks are reaching or have already exceeded their capacity limits. The networks are overcrowded with goods, transit times are lengthening and quality requirements can only be met with difficulty.

According to the DSLV, there are many reasons for this sharp increase. The Corona crisis has changed the general cargo business. Industrial and commercial sectors in particular, which suffered from Corona restrictions, have considerable pent-up demand. At the same time, increasing consumer behavior, which is stimulating online trade, means that a great deal of B2C cargo continues to enter the networks.

17 percent of the freight forwarding groupage business is now accounted for by the smaller-scale private customer share. Their handling is more time-consuming and costly.

Source: DSLV

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