The Kleyling Group's logistics area is being expanded


The Kleyling Group is growing and opening up new perspectives for our customers! An exciting construction project is starting at our French site Kleyling Transports Internationaux SAS in F-68 Village-Neuf.

The expansion of our logistics and forwarding facility will provide our customers with additional storage space in an ideal location. The location - directly in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland - not only offers geographical advantages, but also a variety of business opportunities. From 2025, the new logistics space will make it possible to distribute goods even more efficiently and quickly, particularly in this international region.

Planning permission has already been granted and construction work is about to begin. A modern and spacious logistics hall with 8500 square meters of space will be built there in the course of the year. This is an important step for future projects and expands our services for our customers, especially in times of scarce resources in the warehouse sector

Be a part of this exciting development and grow together with us. We will keep you informed about our progress - stay tuned!