Training and a stay abroad - a great combination!


Our apprentices Laura and Anatole are currently doing an internship in another European country and are gaining many exciting experiences. They are training to become freight forwarding and logistics services clerks at Kleyling Spedition and are going abroad for 3 months during their 3-year training period. This is even a fixed component of the curriculum for the training with additional qualification in logistics management.

Whether Europe or the rest of the world, the trainees are free to choose their country. In addition, the change of perspective allows our trainees to get to know the way forwarding companies work abroad, to better understand processes and to contribute new experiences when they return home. Moreover, the best way to improve your language skills is to go abroad and use them ideally in your work as a freight forwarder back in Germany.

It often makes sense to look for a traineeship with a carrier from the cooperation network and it is also very interesting to get to know the local partners. So our two third-year apprentices decided to do a work placement in two EU countries.

Anatol is doing a work placement in Brussels and is currently exploring Belgium and the surrounding cities. Since the country is not very big, he has already explored the biggest cities during his day trips at the weekend and made tours of Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and of course Brussels.

Laura has chosen the south of Europe and works in a Spanish freight forwarding company between Barcelona and Girona. As a passionate cyclist, she likes to spend her weekends in the area around Girona. Of course, she doesn't miss out on trips to the beach or to Barcelona and even went to the biggest stadium in Europe, the Spotify Camp Nou in Barcelona, to cheer on Barcelona against real sociedad.

The varied training to become a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk continues seamlessly after the stay abroad. During the time abroad, the trainees are released from vocational school and only have to work the agreed hours in the company during their time abroad.

In addition to an internship abroad, Kleyling Spedition offers comprehensive opportunities during the dual training period to get to know what goes on in the company and to gain a lot of experience in various areas of the company.